Why join the VFW?
If you're visiting our page and you're not a current member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars... Maybe your asking yourself why should I join the VFW? What good things does the VFW do? Here are a few video clips that we hope would help make your decision to join our great organization!

VFW Veterans & Military Support Programs

VFW Post and Auxiliary Officers and Members we need your help!  How many times have you heard of a family of a soldier that is in a financial situation, because the soldier is serving his/her country away from the home front, that you wished there were funds available to assist that family during their time of need, or Veteran that has previously made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country and has ran into some hardships and needs some kind of assistance. Our VFW organization has established several help programs, such as UnMet Needs, Operation Uplink, VFW’s Sport Clips Help A Hero, and Military Assistance Program, and now we have them all under one blanket program called Veterans & Military Support Programs – just for those times of needed services.  Thousands of families in need have been able to get needy funds through the VFW’s National Military Services Program. National has made some changes to that current program, and the program will now become Veterans & Military Support Program. The program will have the same opportunities for our Military but now we will be able to help Veterans also!!

Join our Department of LA, VFW & Auxiliary in promoting the VFW Veterans & Military Support Program!  Get your post/auxiliary to donate to the program all year long, especially around the holidays!

The program is maintained through DONATIONS.  Help us maintain this impressive program – you’re Post/Auxiliary – or your own five dollars – whatever amount – helps the National Veterans & Military Support Program with funds to help out when there is a great need, such as phone calls, emergency funds to – help pay the light bill, funeral expenses, emergency leave for that soldier  – who’s family needs him/her home now!, whatever that “ Need” is a family will have an opportunity to get help through the VFW’s Veteran & Military Support Programs. 


Last month our State Commander, Gerald Dugas made a special trip to visit our fellow Veterans at the Jackson War Veterans Home in Jackson, LA. While Commander Dugas presented a donation on behalf of the Department for the home.



GERALD DUGAS - 504-427-4831