The State Commander has chosen the "All Secure Foundation" as the Special Project for the 2018-2019 year.

The All Secure Foundation was founded by Former Special Operator (SFOD-D, or commonly referred to as Delta Force), Tom Satterly.  Tom is a retired Command Sergeant Major and served in almost every conflict from 1985-2010 to include Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Serving 20 of his 25 years of service in The Unit.  

This foundation focuses on Coping with physical, mental and emotional pain.  Their Mission is to 1.  Provide resources for treatment to retired Special Operations Veterans, their spouses and families, with vetted nonprofits, facilities and individuals.  2. To raise funds to offset the cost of treatment or assistance in rebuilding their lives after service.  3.  to engage retired or ETS combat Veterans in volunteer projects to renew their commitment to service and promote community involvement.  

 State Commander, Matthew West ask each Post to contribute to this organization that is trying hard to help so many.  A simple $25-100 donation per post in our state would do wonders for All Secure Foundation. 

 You may visit for more information!

All Post should ensure that they annotate this on their Community service report.


Donations can be mailed the Department Headquarters:

10185 Mammoth Ave. 

Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Any Donations sent to the Department will be forward to the All Secure Foundation before

June 30, 2019.