David Fields
State Chaplain -

What year did you join the VFW? 2006
How long have you been an active member? 2006
Eligibility (War, Medal/Ribbon): 
What branch of the military were you in? Iraq campaign ribbon, global war on terrorism expeditionary, Combat infantry badge
How long did you serve? 24 years and still counting

Accomplishments in the VFW: All State/ American post commander, District commander, State Sons of VFW chairman, State VOD chairman, MOC pup tent Seam Squirrel, MOC Grand All Star Commander, State Chaplain

Married: Yes
Spouse's Name: Ramel 
Children: Hailey, Jakob, Teresa, Maria
Interesting Facts: Lifetime membership in National Guard Enlisted Association, Bronze Legacy Lifetime membership in VFW, recipient of Order of State Maurice by National Infantry Association