National will recognize an Eagle Scout, Venture Silver Award recipient, or Sea Scout Quartermaster who has risen above his peers in exemplifying the exceptional qualities of that rank. Candidates must be exceptional in all six of the critical elements of healthy youth development as defined by "The Louis Harris & Associates, Inc. Study of Scouting.”

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Boy Scouts of America have entered into a partnership to promote scouting. National is requesting that every Post and Auxiliary promote a Scouting Troop, Explorer Scouts, High Adventure Scouts or a Varsity Scout Team.

To be eligible for the award, the candidate must have all required items contained in a scrapbook or scrapbook-type folder:
• Be a registered, active member of a Boy or Girl Scout Troop, Venturing Crew, or Sea Scout Ship.
• Be the recipient of the Eagle Scout Award, Girl Scout Award, Gold Award, Venture Summit Award, or
Sea Scout Quartermaster Award:
• Have demonstrated practical citizenship in School, Scouting and Community.
• Have reached his or her 15th birthday and be enrolled in high school at the time of selection.
• Have submitted a complete entry form to a VFW Post in his community.
• Applicants still in high school who reach their 18th birthday during the nomination year remain eligible if otherwise qualified. A Scout may enter through only one VFW Post. A sponsoring Post can be located by contacting VFW State Headquarters. 225-928-5025

• March 1 -Deadline for entry to the Post.
• April 1 -Deadline for submission to Department scouting team member from Post.
• May 1 -Deadline for submission to National from Department.

First, Second, and Third place winners will receive a trophy presented by the State Chairman at the State Convention in June.

First Place winner nationally may win a $5,000.00 Scholarship.

For more information:
Scouting Program.pdf

Scout of the Year Brochure and Entry Form
State Chairman:
Brian Moll