Buddy Poppy Hat Contest:


The Auxiliary sponsors the Buddy Poppy Hat Contest at the Mid-Winter Conference in January.  All are requested to contact the Auxiliary President for details and requirements. Click here to view an example of the Buddy Poppy Hat Contest Rules.pdf



Buddy Poppy Display Contest:


Buddy Poppy Displays will be judged in three (3) categories. Each Category will receive have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 



PUBLIC PROMOTION OF POPPY SALES:  Window, Booth, Parade or Poster Displays, Sales Promotions, etc.

Public Promotion of Poppy Campaign (Window, booth, parade, poster displays, campaign promotions etc.).

 (a) Displays must be designed for public exposure and must bear a message soliciting a donation for and wearing of the VFW Buddy Poppy.

 (b) At least one of the poppies used in the display must be in its original form and color, with a label attached.



 MEMORIAL OR INSPIRATIONAL DISPLAYS:  Wreaths, memorial tablets or plaques, patriotic, or devotional themes.

 (a) Displays must be designed to honor the dead, to inspire devotion to God and Country, or to dramatize the activities supported by the Buddy Poppy.

(b) At least one (1) Buddy Poppy used in the display must be in its original form and color, with label attached. 



ARTISTIC OR DECORATIVE USE OF POPPIES:  (Post Home displays, table centerpieces, corsages, pictures, plaques, models, scenes, hats, novelty pieces, etc.)


(a) Any display not meeting the requirements of Categories 1 and 2 will automatically be entered in Category 3.

(b) At least one (1) Buddy Poppy used in the Display must be in its original form and color, with label attached.

*Displays shall be set up in the space provided in the convention facility. Prior to setting up the display, the responsible person must register with the Buddy Poppy desk and complete and entry form provided (unless one was provided earlier and approved by the Department which will show the category of competition, the number and location, and the name of the person who will dismantle and remove the display at the close of convention. (Please be advised all displays must be removed by noon on Sunday, or it will be disposed of by convention staff).


 If a Post and/or Auxiliary wins first place in the State competition in any of the first three (3) categories, the winners are invited to compete at the National Convention.  The winners are responsible for setting up and taking down the displays at the National Convention.  The Post and State Chairman must contact Department Headquarters in writing giving the size of the display and the amount of space required for displaying the Buddy Poppy entry Competition. CHECK DEADLINE WITH NATIONAL by visiting online at www.vfw.org – National Convention.


All Post are reminded to purchase Buddy Poppies and carry out the VFW Tag Line "No one does more for Veterans!"


Buddy Poppy Order Form:     
(*Please note that this order form is ONLY for Post in  the Department of Louisiana)