*To promote and support the programs of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
*To promote motorcycle safety programs
*To provide a social atmosphere for VFW members who share the same interest

Each VFWRG will be presented as an activity, managed by a VFWRG Committee, established by its sponsoring Department, District, or Post. No VFWRG will represent itself as, or be a Motorcycle Club (MC) or part of any MC Confederation/Organization at any level.

Each VFWRG may adopt a name of its choosing, subject to rules and regulations adopted by the Department having jurisdiction and the approval of the sponsoring unit and that of the Commander-in-Chief. The use of the name "VFW RIDERS” is recommended.

All VFWRG members shall be members in good standing with either the Veterans of Foreign Wars or one of its nationally recognized Auxiliaries. Each must be legally registered owner of a properly insured motorcycle and must possess a valid motorcycle driver’s license in their state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well) or a rider thereto.
Subject to the rules and regulations of a Department, District, or Post VFWRG may allow Supporters (aka Supporting Riders or Guest Riders). Such supporter classification does not constitute membership in the VFW nor come with the promise of any material, financial, or political benefit to the VFWRG, its members or committee; nor to any other member at any other organizational level within the VFW; nor there be any similar gains for the honoree through the conferring of "Supporter” status, but it is intended as a means to provide recognition to those who show strong support to the VFWRG programs and events. Prospective supporters must, without exception, be the legal to the VFWRG programs and events.
For more information please contact State Chairman,
Email: masonicvet@gmail.com