Individual Awards:
1. 100 % POST MEMBERSHIP: Post Commanders and Quartermasters who reach 100%
by December 31, 2020, and their guests will receive a RED CARPET invitation at the Mid‐
Winter Conference Banquet. They will be honored by walking the Red Carpet to a
reserved table and awarded a VFW Canvas Computer Bag during the Program. Post will
also be given 2 Banquet tickets.

2. 100% District Membership: District Commanders and their guest who have 2/3 of
their Post at 100% by December 31, 2020 will receive a RED CARPET Invitation at the
Mid‐Winter Conference Banquet. They will be honored by walking the Red Carpet to a
reserved table and awarded a VFW Basecamp Backpack during the Program. District
Commanders Banquet ticket will be paid by Department.

3. 85% Post: Those Post who are at 85% by December 31, 2020, will be entered into a
drawing for a $50.00 Life Membership to the National Home.

1. DRAWING FOR $50.00: Each Post is to submit the name of each member in their Post who
has signed up at least TEN (10) New/Reinstated Members between 􀏐iscal year July 1 and May
31 of the current VFW Year. The names are to be submitted to the State Membership
Chairman by May 31 of the closing year. The drawing will be held AT STATE CONVENTION
and one winner will receive $50.00.

2. TEN (10) MEMBER AWARD: Each individual member who collects dues of TEN (10)
members (New Reinstated, and/or Continuous) will receive a SPECIAL Recognition Pin.
Auxiliary members are also qualified for this pin by collecting TEN (10) VFW members (NOT
Auxiliary Members). DEADLINE for qualifying and applying for this pin is May 31. NOTE:
Membership mailed directly to National by an individual does not count as having been
collected by a recruiter. The Post Quartermaster must submit these names to the State
Membership Chairman.
Post Contests and Awards:
1. HALL OF FAME AWARD: Each Post reaching 100% in MEMBERSHIP transmissions and received
by National Headquarters by DECEMBER 31 of current year, will receive a Special Department
HALL OF FAME AWARD citation at Mid‐Winter Conference and special seating and introduction at
the Joint Opening of the Mid Winter Conference.

2. GOLD CHEVRON AWARD: To qualify for this award a Post MUST EXCEED its PRIOR year’s membership total for TWO or MORE CONSECUTIVE years. Membership is based on the membership as
of June 30, current year ending total. This award is presented at the Mid‐Winter Conference and
is for the past two or more consecutive years. Numerical gain for years 1‐5 will receive a citation
with their total number of consecutive numerical gain. Once the Post reaches six (6) years of consecutive numerical gain, they will receive a Plaque. Each consecutive year after six (6), the Post will receive a Gold Bar to add to their Plaque.

3. 100 PERCENT POST: All 100% Life Membership Posts will be put into a drawing for one to win
$50.00 and two (2) Banquet Tickets at Mid‐Winter Conference

Notification must be sent to State Membership Chairman for the following awards

1. NEW MEMBERSHIP AWARD: ONE DRAWING OF Posts that sign up 25 to 50 New Members will
receive $75.00 for the Post Commander for his/her line work. A Post that signs up 51 or more
members will be included in a drawing and that post will receive $100.00.

2. POST RETENTION AWARD: Posts retaining 85% Continuous as of June 15 will be put in a drawing
and one Post will win $100.00.

3. POST LIFE MEMBERSHIP NUMERICAL GAIN: Three Divisions (Largest Numerical Gain) for Life
Membership will be awarded at the STATE CONVENTION.
Division I 10 – 100 Membership
Division II 101 ‐ 200 Membership
Division III 201 ‐ and up Membership

4. LEGACY LIFE RECRUITER POST AWARD: Each Post that recruits THREE Legacy Life Memberships and a District that records the greatest numerical gain will be awarded $50.00 and special
Commander’s gift.

5. LEGACY LIFE RECRUITER DISTRICT AWARD: The District that records the greatest numerical
gain in Legacy Life Members will be awarded $50.00 and a special gift from the State Commander.
NOTE: A minimum of three per Post with one each or a minimum of one Post with three legacy
life members in a District in order to qualify for award. This does not include Legacy Life Membership
PAID on the INSTALLMENT plan. Legacy Life Member must have their LEGACY/UPGRADE
PAID IN FULL in order to qualify.

6. All Award recipients will be mentioned in the following months Mail Call under Special
Awards Section

Contact our Membership Chairwoman if you have any questions:
Sharee Arends